Thursday, November 4, 2010


In the beatrice spark's fictional diary "Annie's baby," the character Annie's passion for Danny conflicts dirsctly with her personal,social life, friends, and even family ultimately resulting in Annie getting pregnant at fourteen and showing/releaving that not everything or anybody is what they seem, people can truely change over time.
In the beginning of the book Annies a normal fourteen year old girl, who goes to school, plays sports, has friends, divorced parents lives with her mother. Then on the "ordinary day" as Annie calls it she meets a named Dann, after her soccer game from that day on she's hockedm, all she ver thinks about is him Annie states " Im lying here on my bed going over and over and over the awesomeness of it all. He wants to be my friend! I want to be! i really do want to be! More then i've ever wanted anything in th world in my whole life!" (2). Now mind you this is the first time she's ever met Danny.
This obsetion grows with every day passing, Annie even starts dressing up to school just in case she gets to see him. It even got to the point were she would rather stay home and feel sorry for her self instead of going out with her friends, when they invited her some where. " I can't believe something like this can make me feel so completely world-shattering, darkly empty." (5). Days go by and Annie is finally starting to forget about Danny and going back to her regular rutine, but then Danny comes back and the obsetion starts all over again but this time Danny asks Annie out on a "Date", of course ahe excepts. The date is everything Annie hoped it would be " He's not like any other boy i've ever dated." (10). They've become extremly close atleast from Annie's prospective. Annies gotten to the point that even with her friends she wasn't happy enough, she always wanted to spend her time with Danny. Then Annie finds out about Tanya and Danny , Tanyas an "overt slut." Danny called and cleared everyhing up but she still denied then ever being together

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