Wednesday, October 20, 2010

collage essay

Nataly Inoa
Ryan Gallagher
12 CP Period 1
19 Oct 2012

Collage Essay

My mom’s style has changed over the years she’s gone from retro, punk to classy, and even a sophisticated look. She’s a little woman doesn’t even look her age just younger; people even thought she was my older sister. She had the longest black straight hair but she cut it to her shoulders now, she’s also a Christian woman only wears skirts no make up or earrings. She’s so bubbly, sweet, and caring; she has all the features of a fairytale mother.
A moment were my mom seemed the happiest was about a year ago when I started picking up my grades in school and doing the things I was suppose to. I had gotten off track with about everything in my life and my mom was very proud of the fact that I achieved passing the 11th grade and being back to my normal self not all gloomy and depressed . She had told me she had faith in me to do what’s right and that she knew I wasn’t going to let her down. My goal wasn’t to let her down n to keep moving forward and that exactly what I did. Till this day she’s still telling me she believes in me and all she’s waiting for now if my High School Diploma and my Collage Diploma.
A time when my family was all together and my mother was like the center of attention was when I was about 11 or 12 and it was her birthday, my sister and I had planned to throw her a surprise little party just for her. The day before we had went to Stop and Shop to get the party decorations and the most important part the cake; we had saved all our money just to get her enough decorations plus the cake, and we waiting till my mother and father were asleep to start decorating the living room and her room door so she would be surprised when she woke up in the morning. My sister and I was to exited to even sleep that night just thinking of my mothers reaction because she had been so clueless. Morning came and we had left her a little trail of arrows on white computer paper directing her to the living room, were all her decoration was. I’ll never forget her face that morning when she seen all the work we put into the decorations just for her. Her being as happy as she was, was the best feeling I’ve ever had about doing just the simplest thing.
There was a time in my life were I thought I was alone, hopeless, lost, and unworthy. Now I think back and see that I was so blind without the guidance of my mother and God, my mother has had a great impact on my life she’s always been the one there for me, and I for her.
My mother has given me a lot of inspiration, she has never let me think as myself of less, her words would keep me moving forward each day as I live and for that reason I love her. My mother has shown me the way to be a better person, not a replica of good, but a person who can make a difference. She has always mentioned certain quotes to me but her famous one was “Respect to earn Respect” which has helped me in the long run to grow with an advanced mentality from other individuals because of my experiences through out my life. Honestly I can say that without my mother I wouldn’t be the person I am today she has been a great part of my life, I don’t think I can really be my self completely without her by my side. She’s like my other half, my best friend, what ever you want to call it that’s what she means to me plus more.
My mother and I share everything we know everything about each other even things you would expect us not to know about each other we know.
I’ve always been the type the type of person to put my mother first when it comes to certain things in my life because she’s always put me first. My mother sacrificed all she’s ever had for my sister and I as well as my father. There for, I give you some reasons to why my mother has been a great impact in my life till this day I can say my mother has never let me down and I honestly don’t think she ever will.

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