Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First essay Camus' The Stranger

I in the passage when Meursault is at work and his boss calls him to his office, Meursault thinks it's because he's done something wrong. Camus shows this be describing Meursault's emotion towards being called to the bosses office. Meursault is annoyed by the situation, to him it's just an interruption of his day of work andin general. Albert Camus suggest that not everything in life is as expected, because things can appear as one but may turn out the other meaning that you shouldn't judge anything before getting the facts on it or thiem first.
When the passage begins, Meursault realizes that the boss wasn't only calling to complain but to hear his "opinion of the matter" (41). Meursault is thrown off at first about the situation he's in, but he never really gives the boss a straight answer about his promotion. But by the second to last sentence, Meursault starts thinking back to his school years because of the remark his boss gavr him, " That i had no ambition, and that that was disatrous in bussines" (41). Meursault begins to to think back and realizes that he thought he had a lot os ambition but that different situations people are put through can change a person. "when i was a student, I had lots of ambitions like that. But when i had to give up my studies I learned very quiklythat none of it really mattered" (41). the "it" Meursault refers to is ambition, but could aslo refer to life. The reason he feels thi way is because Mursault doesn't have any ambitions, he likes the way his life is ow, not a big fan of change.
There for Camus reveals that life is anoying because of all the changes people have to o through. In others perspective change is good but in Meursaults situtation because he's such a nuetral person, doesn't really have true feelings about anything that goes on in his life.

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