Wednesday, October 20, 2010

collage essay

Nataly Inoa
Ryan Gallagher
12 CP Period 1
19 Oct 2012

Collage Essay

My mom’s style has changed over the years she’s gone from retro, punk to classy, and even a sophisticated look. She’s a little woman doesn’t even look her age just younger; people even thought she was my older sister. She had the longest black straight hair but she cut it to her shoulders now, she’s also a Christian woman only wears skirts no make up or earrings. She’s so bubbly, sweet, and caring; she has all the features of a fairytale mother.
A moment were my mom seemed the happiest was about a year ago when I started picking up my grades in school and doing the things I was suppose to. I had gotten off track with about everything in my life and my mom was very proud of the fact that I achieved passing the 11th grade and being back to my normal self not all gloomy and depressed . She had told me she had faith in me to do what’s right and that she knew I wasn’t going to let her down. My goal wasn’t to let her down n to keep moving forward and that exactly what I did. Till this day she’s still telling me she believes in me and all she’s waiting for now if my High School Diploma and my Collage Diploma.
A time when my family was all together and my mother was like the center of attention was when I was about 11 or 12 and it was her birthday, my sister and I had planned to throw her a surprise little party just for her. The day before we had went to Stop and Shop to get the party decorations and the most important part the cake; we had saved all our money just to get her enough decorations plus the cake, and we waiting till my mother and father were asleep to start decorating the living room and her room door so she would be surprised when she woke up in the morning. My sister and I was to exited to even sleep that night just thinking of my mothers reaction because she had been so clueless. Morning came and we had left her a little trail of arrows on white computer paper directing her to the living room, were all her decoration was. I’ll never forget her face that morning when she seen all the work we put into the decorations just for her. Her being as happy as she was, was the best feeling I’ve ever had about doing just the simplest thing.
There was a time in my life were I thought I was alone, hopeless, lost, and unworthy. Now I think back and see that I was so blind without the guidance of my mother and God, my mother has had a great impact on my life she’s always been the one there for me, and I for her.
My mother has given me a lot of inspiration, she has never let me think as myself of less, her words would keep me moving forward each day as I live and for that reason I love her. My mother has shown me the way to be a better person, not a replica of good, but a person who can make a difference. She has always mentioned certain quotes to me but her famous one was “Respect to earn Respect” which has helped me in the long run to grow with an advanced mentality from other individuals because of my experiences through out my life. Honestly I can say that without my mother I wouldn’t be the person I am today she has been a great part of my life, I don’t think I can really be my self completely without her by my side. She’s like my other half, my best friend, what ever you want to call it that’s what she means to me plus more.
My mother and I share everything we know everything about each other even things you would expect us not to know about each other we know.
I’ve always been the type the type of person to put my mother first when it comes to certain things in my life because she’s always put me first. My mother sacrificed all she’s ever had for my sister and I as well as my father. There for, I give you some reasons to why my mother has been a great impact in my life till this day I can say my mother has never let me down and I honestly don’t think she ever will.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Plum Plum Pickers

In ""Plum Plum Pickers," by Barrio Raymond suggest that, "men are built to experience a certain sense of honor and pride," and that money has a lot of advantages including happiness, because in the world we live in without money, there isn't much you can look forward to. Also without money you can't have a sense of power.
In the first couple of paragraphs on page 93 the author speaks about a man "Roberto Morales" and about his persona. How he was apart of "Them" meaning the bosses, Raymond states "Despite his crude, ignorant manner, showing that he was one of them, that he'd started with them, that he grew up with them, that he'd suffered all the sordid deprivations with them, h was actually the shrewdest, smartest, richest cannibal in forty counties around. they sure couldn't blame the gueros for this miscarriage." I believe that Roberto is an example of just a person with money, because the people who hired him didn't really care much how he did his job it didn't matter as long as it was getting done by someone.
Having money can have a lo of benefits including sense of pride, because the author describes how Morales tried to take 2 cents from each of the workers buckets and one of the workers Manuel stands up for his money even knowing that Morales has the upper hand. At the end Morales ends up letting them keep the 2 cents, and giving Manuel the benefit of the dought because he stood up for what he believed in and no one else did at first, but then everyone followed his lead, and for this reason is why Raymond suggested what he did.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2nd essay

In the poem "Red Shift" , the author Ted Berrigan suggests that, life is like being alone, no matter what you go though, you always end up alone. I strongly believe this is what he suggests because of how the poem is set up, from start to finish he describes the speaker in a setting of how it starts off, then the speaker in memory, for example like with relationship, Friends, and then it goes to the speaker in emotion describing how the mood changed how he truly felt about certain things and why. Lastly he goes into death, how death just sneakily comes in life. the author establishes his point by letting one know that, that's how life is going to be, he's like letting us know or his earlier self that he didn't ask for this. He states " Only our human lot & means nothing." In this quote he's basically saying that's it's just human fate we live through pain only to die, and i agree. You might be happy at one point in life but then it goes down hill again is there really something to look forward to? The author describes himself in one verse as a "ghost" or a "spirit who lives only to nag." Probably because he feels he has no meaning to life any more., or just simply because there's nothing to look forward to anymore. It's strange because Ted talks about never dieing , living in till he's 110 years old, it's like he wants to at least leave something behind once he's truly gone. Its like he's letting his earlier self know, that he came into his life to change it, he did , and that's never going to change. Then he goes into death, he states "Alone & crowded, unhappy fate, nevertheless i slip softly into the air the wold's furious song flows through my costume." Sad but true , he's using language to say its him. The idea that the poem proposes life is like being alone is an important one because that's what he tries to tell us no matter how hard we try life's going to be the same "lonely" at the end.

Monday, October 4, 2010

1st essay

In "Landscape with the fall of Icarus", William Carlos Williams suggests that life on, or that everything has a purpose in life. Also that we have consequences towards our action,or that to human beings are selfish. another is that life is complicated, we live through pain and we just die, that's just how life is. By William suggesting all these thins it just shows that life can be lived in two ways, 1 doing what you have to do so everything at the end can go your way, or 2 if you don't follow the rules then everything that's messed up in your life is your fault for not following direction, and might not get a second chance at it. In the poem " Landscape with the fall of Icarus" by W.C.W , noticed that the author uses a lot of techniques. In his last stanza he uses Allusion, "A splash quite unnoticed this was Icarus drowning." this stanza shows how like no one really paid attention or just didn't know about whats going on around them. they just minded their own business because if they intrude some thing might happen to them. Another technique the author uses is personification. In the 4Th stanza he states, " the edge of the sea concerned with itself." He's giving the "sea"a human trait which is to feel. Also another thing i noticed about this poem is that it basically just gives details about how/what people/things they were doing when Icarus died. In stanza 1 and 3, i noticed that it talks a lot about a new fresh year, and that its spring. this shows me that it doesn't matter how things are around you, death eventually still comes! This i can tell relate to the photo by Bruegel, he shows the portrait to be a peace full surrounding . flowers blooming , birds flying, and people doing everyday things, but once you look towards the bottom right you see Icarus drowning. but everyone is still doing what their suppose to, not really paying attention to Icarus , just going about there business. so with this i conclude people just go about there business, you can can then selfish, or careless but at the the end of the day death just happens.

Ovid DJ's

Quote- "I warn you, Icarus, fly a middle course: Don't go to low, or the water will weigh the wings down; don't go to high, or the sun's fire will burn them. Keep to the middle way. And one more thing, No fancy steering by star or constellation, Follow my lead! "

* The reason why i picked this specific quote was because, Daedalus warned his son to just follow his lead so he could make it out at the end, so he wouldn't end up the way he did, but he didn't Icarus followed his own path and ended up drowning to his death. This is my favorite quote because i relate it to life, if you don't follow directions your going to end up falling at the end. Its better to just follow the right path so it can befit you towards the end.

My letter !

My letter to Mr.Gallagher was about some of my personal gaols and interests in life, also what kind of person i am, how i got to where i am now, & a little bit about my childhood, like where i came from, my family, freinds, and even school. I let him know about my writing,reading skills, what my strenths and weeknesses are and how i am as a student. I basically gave him the back ground on me so he can have an easier time teaching me.

Brugel " Landscape eith the fall of Icarus"

In the picture "Landscape with the fall of Icarus" by Pieter Brugel I see a lot of different things a lot of detail also. The sky has a lot of colors to it, it’s a shade of blue, yellow, and white it’s a mixture of all blended into each other to be very beautiful. Right under the sky if the sea crystal blue water, it seems like there’s a bunch of ships leaving from the area or arriving. There’s a boat going towards the sun like two or three going right with it and one on the right with a big sale, the boat seems packed with a lot of things like people or just material objects there probably going to go sell things. I believe that the ships are also used for war just because of its size. On the left of the picture there’s like a little city and mountains, seems busy. What comes out the most for me if the men working like in a field of some sort, probably planting crops for the winter to come? One man wearing a blue shirt and dark brown shorts with tights, carrying a back pack and holding a stick is with a bunch of sheep’s and a dog, most likely a sheep dog, the man is looking up towards the sky probably thinking of things. There’s another man wearing some sort of green dress with an orange shirt and brown leggings planting crops with a horse pulling the carrier to make the lines on the ground so that the man can plant his crops in, the man seems tired, he's probably been working all day in the field. There seems to be a lot of land to grow crop on. It’s probably a family business. There’s a third man also just sitting near the edge the picture, down towards the left looking out to the sea probably thinking of things that’s happened in his life like I would have been if I was sitting where he was, also it seems like there’s someone swimming or drowning in the sea that’s probably what the man on the edge was looking at. I love that there’s so much green in the picture like the trees seem full of leaves and there’s some flowers blooming. I love the way the picture comes together like it’s very detailed but very easy to point certain things out, there’s also another mountain on the right, and doesn’t really seem like there’s a lot of people there, only near the city. I think that this picture has some to do with the poem we’re reading. It’s probably from a scene of the poem, or maybe it’s where it takes place or where it begins. By looking at the picture I can tell its was taken place or inspired a long time ago just because of what’s going on with the men out in the field working, and the man with the sheep. There’s also another mini island with an entrance it seems like to a cave probably people live there without no one knowing .